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All part of speech groups working together – tokenize the whole Internet, so AIs can work with real languages

Paul Rayson, The reason the OpenAI Bing ChatGPT fails is because it uses a bad tokenizer. If the part of speech community would work together, they could standardized the part of speech tokens and code the entire Internet. So it would not have to be scanned and parsed every time.  A pre-tokenized, pre-coded, internet would
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Comment on Distributed Sensing with fiber optics

ROSES 2021 Unit04: Distributed Acoustic Sensing with Dr. Eileen Martin at You might want to edit this to remove the first few minutes where nothing is said. And put links in the description to Eileen’s work and group(s). This would be so much easier if you would just share your mathematics in symbolic mathematical form
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Feedback to CERN domain at their Atlas page, “Higgs Boson”, “The Standard Model”, untraceable fragments

Your message has been sent at Friday, 20 January 2023 – 07:38. Thank you for your feedback. The Feedback form is locked but not marked as such:  I got an email immediately – “  Your message can’t be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted.” They did not send back my message.  Courteous, world
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Comment on Anton Petrov video on astrophysical measurement of fine structure constant variations

Your link goes to “pay per view”. Here is an open version A limit on variations in the fine-structure constant from spectra of nearby Sun-like stars Mysterious Fine Structure Constant (1/137) Measured In Nearby Stars The exact term, “fine structure constant” has 1.1 Million entry points (Google search, 26 Nov 2022). And you
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Twitter to DODSTEM about extending STEM to ISTEM – Internet Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

@DoDstem Recommend you extend STEM to at least STEMCC – Algorithms, Communication. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics all depend most critically on use of Computers. As well as global Human-Computer, Human-Human and Computer-Computer data flows on the Internet. @DoDstem Add Internet to STEM to make ISTEM. In 24 years I found all Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
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Twitter to @InnovationPhysics @InnovationPhys You are too focused on topics suitable for single person dissertations and individual performance. Need to coordinate and encourage solutions to global issues and opportunities. Answer “Where does this apply?” and encourage open global sharing of models and data.