Month: May 2023

Collaborative Heliospheric Gravitational and Electromagnetic Imaging of the Interiors of Planets and Stars

CosmoNexus: Cosmic Harmonies: Unlocking the Universe’s Hidden Music at You need to extend your concept of the electromagnetic spectrum. For the Internet Foundation, because there are groups and individuals researching every aspect of the universe, the scale that I have to use goes from quectoHertz to QuettaHertz. From 10^-30 times per second to 10^30 times
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Earthquake early warning for mitigation and energy harvesting, atomic scale computing

Signal Decomposition and Feature Extraction Techniques: Application to Seismic Mitigation of Vibration-sensitive Eq Shieh-Kung Huang, This is very informative. I will only suggest a few things.   Vibration isolation is now needed for buildings, as an integral part of energy harvesting, to allow orders of magnitude improvement in seismometers and gravimeters, and for gravitational wave
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