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New Video: Atomic Masses, Atomic Decay energies, Gravitational GPS

Isotopic Masses, Fundamental Constant Groups, World Education, Gravitational Fuels I start by showing how bad PDF is for sharing data. I am trying to get a simple table of isotopic masses to check the nuclear data tables. And it is stored in terrible form. I had to copy and paste and edit to get
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New Video about the Internet YouTube Google Franck-Hertz Experiments

Yesterday: HoverBoxes Finally, Skins for Websites, Saving Layouts, Extracting from PDF, Global Groups Bubbling – Today: Using the Internet to find and encourage global communities engineering science AMOE – AMOE (Atomic Molecular Optical Electronic Magnetic Acoustic Mechanical … ) – Franck-Hertz

Comment on Persistent luminescence instead of phosphorescence Enjoyable read with many thoughtful ideas and descriptions. There are several energy sources for these photon flows, but thermal energy harvesting over long periods, then optical photon emission for shorter periods seems to be the theme. The energy stored in electronic states.   I am posting this on 18 Apr 2021: “persistent luminescence” has
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Using the Internet to represent and compress reality without loss

Ben, I read your description and it is clear.  I want the flexibility for myself.  If the environment and tool it rigid, I know that I won’t be able to build the things I want.  That includes (G) gathering and organizing things, (E) exploration and mapping new kinds of things (C) comparison and classification (S)
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