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Comment on Hubble vs Amateur Astrophotography

Hubble vs. Amateur Astrophotographer (27 Aug 2021) at I had to look a bit, but eventually found a description of the camera and exposure for that original image of “Pillars of Creation” at with more detail at then some images at Like usual, Hubble media people dominate sharing on their site,
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Self reproducing robot societies that live in the desert and convert sunlight to cities

I have had deserts on my mind a lot over the last few decades.  All during the 1980’s I worked on populations forecasts and issues in Africa, then the Famine Early Warning Systems (, then global climate change.  I sort of keep up with any efforts to turn those vast areas into something more suitable
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Comment on “Ion Engine 2.0” – many people interested, and posting things, but not working together globally

Ion Engine 2.0 at (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 574,000 entry points (Google, 9 Oct 2021) (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 310 entry points (“electric wind” OR “ionic wind”) has 141,000 entry points And they are not all working together globally. Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation

Comment on “Floating under a levitating liquid” and related issues

Floating under a levitating liquid at and (for pay, just for reference) This is not science and sharing, but what I have come to call “eye candy”. Pretty pictures and people playing with phenomena, but not showing the context and background. You start with showing the whole of the apparatus, explain the parts,
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Comment on changing torsion bars to controlled shock absorbers – value of measurement and simulations

I Deleted My Tahoe’s Torsion Bars for Something Much Better at There are apps for your cell phone that record the data from the three axis accelerometer. So you can change the settings and run on a given road at different settings to see the change in the impulse response of the car to road
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Comment on video about the solar interior – another way, with the whole human species working together

What Does The Inside Of The Sun Look Like? In the visualization from 3:00 to 4:00, I think there should be small particles coming from every point to every point in the detector. For instance something coming from the far upper right. to the far lower left. Not just radially outward from one point
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Comment on The Civic Went on an Diet

The Civic Went A Diet with a serious weight reduction I think you can take off the back doors and replace them with lightweight panels. This made me think, I wonder what would happen if you could buy a “barebones car”, like “barebones computer”? No interior, no heater or AC, then add components as
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Emoji languages – symbols and communication

Emily, Humans and animals with eyes are pretty good at quickly identifying things seen in the past.  It is a basic survival skill.  “Identify the person”, “Identify the weapon”, “Identify the ripe fruit”. So when training populations for basic survival, you probably have to go back to “Identify and classify quickly” – if you value
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Who the heck sleeps with a Fan and AC on? – my comment Groups asking questions on Facebook not sharing results

⁠Donna Kutac Janak My air conditioner is really inefficient so I keep it at high temperature setting and run two fans continuously. The cost is half of running the air conditioner alone – and more comfortable. I enjoy the noise. You should be asking people why they would run their air conditioner “without” a fan!?
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Create arbitrary fields through simulation, measurement, and calibration.

A wave traveling between two parabolic antennas You might try receiver-transmitter pairs, where each inverts the signal to build a standing wave. Use the final state inside the volume (arbitrary and time dependent if you want) as the constraint, then solve for the signal modifications needed at each site. I first saw this more
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