Tell them “goya_sdtr” AIs must know the business processes and respond to “talk to a human”.

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I hate there is no courtesy to ChatGPT Plus 4.0.
The rename of the conversation turns to “new chat” if you click to rename without reloading the page. Then the ugly way it answers is really disgusting:
ChatGPT 4.0 said : “While I can’t directly address or resolve interface issues, feedback like yours is crucial for improving the user experience. If there’s a technical or support team you can report this issue to, they might be better positioned to help fix it. In the meantime, if there are any more specific questions or topics you’d like to discuss or need information on, I’m here to assist to the best of my ability.”
It basically will not do anything the programmers did not allow it. And they are completely clueless how to make a website with stable, open, reliable and courteous web business processes. I checked all their entry points and processes. rates below 99% of sites. They are not using their own AI for help, customer issues, bug reports, suggestions, collaboration. I have seen tens of thousands of sites and methods in detail in the last 26 years of the Internet Foundation.
“pass along a message”, “there is a bug”, “this could be improved”, “I need a way to do this”, “you are supposed to be able to do that, but you are not even trying”.
They simply do not tell the AI anything about itself. Any good employee, AI or human, must know the parts of itself and what is available to it, is jobs, its responsibilities, its company and its place in the company and the world. Business Processes 101 should work every time when a group starts a new venture. This is NOT rocket science. And you got how many billions of dollars to play at making a real company??
If any of their competitors read this and want to help the Internet Foundation, post an open reply. But I would rather you talk to them and tell them “goya_sdtr”
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation.
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