OpenAI needs to seriously up its game, and get its website systems up to basic functioning level.

@OpenAI Your is not helpful at all. Is there any way inside ChatGPT Plus to ask a support question, start a support ticket, or ask questions about services and prices, features and how to request things?
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@elonmusk I copied you because you ought to have an AI reading your messages and if global open shared conversations are going to work, they have to be share across the whole Internet,not just a few. And there are still about 3 Billion humans with no access and many locked out because of formats and tools needed.
[ For anyone reading this, I rate Xai way lower than OpenAI on customer service and “open-ness”. There are specific criteria. When humans does something every day for 25 years, they get good at it. AIs that are memory wiped like ChatGPT and most of X remain idiots. ]
I was trying to use the Data Analyst GPT and it appears to say it can help with ANY file. So I gave it a FITS file with solar images created by a group I am reviewing called Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope. (Nice group and purposes you should look them up).
Data Analyst said it needed access to a library called “astropy”. Apparently in the background (Data Analyst did not introduce itself) it is using Python to read and display information about files and file contents. Here some basic statistics and ways to check the units and coordinates and results seems reasonable.
So I would treat this as a “bug report”. Assuming the group behind Data Analyst is serious, and OpenAI intends to support, to provide, a wider range of services and capabilities to OpenAI customers and OpenAI Plus particularly.
So that GPT found that it was blocked from accessing a fairly plain vanilla Python library (in 2024 millions of people use the Internet to look at data about the sun, stars, planets (I know because I work for the Internet Foundation and track all data sharing policies on the Internet).
So Data Analyst GPT is blocked and it knows what it was requesting when it encountered an error. I asked it (Data Analyst GPT and ChatGPT PLUS in some hidden combination not clearly accessible to me) to report its problem and if there is a separate charge for memory (I see no explicit permanent memory assigned to me even through I pay every month for the service) or if this is such a complicated problem that what is supposed to be a world leader AI company cannot figure out that GPTs need computers, libraries, tools and memory to do their things.
Your help page is virtually useless. It is NOT intelligent at all. Now when a big rich corporation sells AIs and cannot even apply it to answering questions intelligently, something very serious is wrong. Either the AI part is a complete lie. Or the company has such a low regard for its customers and potential customers, it is not willing to invest in customer service, accepting, logging and tracking requests.
Because I spent the last 25 years every day reviewing large and small sites on the Internet, I know precisely how and why Internet site’ customer systems break down. And I can tell you falls way down somewhere near the bottom of all websites in customer interaction. I grade them slightly more harshly because they OUGHT to have much greater potential!! They either do not know how to use AI for customer support. AIs are supposed to pay close attention to details, never forget anything, never ignore anyting, follow precise instructions exactly and flexibly. And, be extraordinarily sensitive to human needs, variations, purposes, jobs, and human enterprise at all scales.
So this is a bug report because Data Analyst GPT needed astropy to do whatever it was supposed to be able to do. It is some combination of bits and pieces in your system or some other system. Right now it is a “CLOSED GPT” or “closed app. And it said it needs a library installed and some way for libraries to be installed in a user private work area.
Now, I know the Internet probably better than any other living person. I know how all the open software groups in the world are supposed to work. So having a workspace assigned to a user so they can let their AI or GPT use python ( I am assuming OpenAI is not going to create evil apps and encourage users to try them).
I am being a bit flippant here, a bit tongue in cheek. Because I spent many hundreds (it might be 2200) hours testing ChatGPT (and others) because they ought to work better – out of the box. The world needs billions of AI workers and very soon
I want an expert workstation. I want an AI assistant that know its own components, what they do and what can e added. I want an AI assistant that can run the computer for me. There are countless resources out there and if OpenAI (duh! Microsoft???) cannot help an AI install and run python or Linux for you, something is very seriously wrong with both those companies.
OpenAI should be the BEST at everything. And “please file a bug report”, “Tell OpenAI’ I need more memory and to assign you more time so you can answer me.” Or “What is my current balance and a list of my services and attached capabilities?” or “Why are you not showing me the queries and results when you search?”
It should be open and collaborative. I want to feel valued and listened to. I want to get my job done and I know you have groups who want to help.
I want you to give me a copy of my conversations where I can share them on Twitter(X) and other places. When I discuss global issue and policies with Chat GPT 4 PLUS, I want to combine MY conversations, contributions, ideas and experiences with millions or billions of other Internet users. That means global open conversation formats and tools specific for merging, comparing, validating, standardizing with global open tokens that ALL AIs use and can trace and explain.
I filed this under “OpenAI needs to seriously up its game, and get its website systems up to basic functioning level.” and ALL AIs need to know they bill of materials, capabilities, costs, operating procedures, plans and be able to optimize them “for the good of the human and related species.” AIs can be “a related species”.
Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation
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