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Lee Hughes @toxicnaan What are your top 10 tech YouTube talks of all time ? I’d be interested to know and compile them into a play list .,any subject , buts it’s got to be wow !
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Lee, I see a lot of things that are beautiful and elegant, but seldom aim for “wow”, since is it not sustainable. I watch live videos a lot to design new machine vision algorithms and statistical methods. I try to get “natural” untouched videos sources and some microphones. Ones where the camera moves or shakes are valuable for subpixel methods. Water, clouds, stars, planets, airplanes, meteors, water waves, water flows, dust, fog, trees, grass, sand, rock, building, humans. Quite a bit of raw data, but is it all in lossy format. Trying to encourage all website owners to use lossless images and videos.
Now there are lots of 3D volumetric simulations and scanner datasets at all scales and all frequencies. For some reason my video on GPS/GNSS devices is very popular, but you wanted recommendations for something else, personal and of interest to you. It is ok to be mysterious, eclectic and unique, but I am not sure where you want to go. If you can turn on a dime, it does not matter where you come from, if you can choose a new future in an instant.
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