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Counting extensions and file sizes of project folders on GitHub to recommend changes Over the past several years I have been studying groups on GitHub. Part of the Internet Foundation studies for global communities on the Internet for the past 23 years. Much of the human cost of learning these various projects, for any group size, is dealing with the many and different formats. A mature project
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New Video: Energy Office of Science, PNNL Article, Climate Model, Sharing

Energy Office of Science, PNNL Article, Climate Model, Sharing I received a note from ( Office of Science with some nice articles and references. But it was hard to use. One article leads to Pacific Northwest National Lab ( and it was hard to read and use. So I recorded my experience and comments,
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New Video: Atomic Masses, Atomic Decay energies, Gravitational GPS

Isotopic Masses, Fundamental Constant Groups, World Education, Gravitational Fuels I start by showing how bad PDF is for sharing data. I am trying to get a simple table of isotopic masses to check the nuclear data tables. And it is stored in terrible form. I had to copy and paste and edit to get
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New Video about the Internet YouTube Google Franck-Hertz Experiments

Yesterday: HoverBoxes Finally, Skins for Websites, Saving Layouts, Extracting from PDF, Global Groups Bubbling – Today: Using the Internet to find and encourage global communities engineering science AMOE – AMOE (Atomic Molecular Optical Electronic Magnetic Acoustic Mechanical … ) – Franck-Hertz

Google put their ad between my video and its title.

Please do not put your advertisements between my video and the title of my video. If you have to advertise your work, put it at the top of the screen. and give people the option to remove it. You are effectively using my work to advertise your page. You own the site and I have
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Comment on web policy page at, and survey comments

I was reviewing web policies of gov domain sites, just to see whether there are any common standards. Your page at is rich in many materials. I hope to have time to look at many of them. I am only writing for two reasons, first to thank the people who are doing that work.
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