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Director, The Internet Foundation Studying formation and optimized collaboration of global communities. Applying the Internet to solve global problems and build sustainable communities. Internet policies, standards and best practices.

AI indexing all websites and topics on the Internet, Websites need to be accessible

@LambdaAPI shows 3.91 Million entry points on Google search today. What would it cost to “AI-index” that so searchers ask questions in any language? If the whole process is cost effective and makes Stanford accessible it can replace “search and click” @LambdaAPI shows 3.91 Million entry points on Google search today. What would
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Caltech Astro, Richard Ellis, a dense region will have nonlinear gravitational potential redshift as large or larger than velocity potential effects

Caltech Astro: The Quest for Cosmic Dawn – Richard Ellis – 04/14/2023 at Richard Ellis, A lot of those early galaxies have much higher gravitational potentials. And the gravitational redshift larger. Even the redshift from the earth can be measured. If the universe truly expanded from some higher density region, the earliest would have central
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Sean Doran

Do you have data to go with your videos? Full solar models down to (1 meter)^3? Where I want to go. And into the interior. It is not impossible, just a bit tedious. I worry that your visualizations are not quite right. Not criticizing, just wondering what you did. Beautiful.

Reply to comment on Video: Isotopic Masses Fundamental Constant Groups World Education Gravitational Fuels

Richard Collins: Isotopic Masses Fundamental Constant Groups World Education Gravitational Fuels at Ken, I cover a lot of ground in two years, so these older videos are good but not great. I chat with OpenAI GPT 4 every day for several hours on difficult problems that I am working on for the Internet Foundation. When
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Measuring Phase Shift. A wave generator might be a good temperature sensor if you calibrate it over days

Andrey’s Electronics: Measuring Phase Shift with an Analog Multiplier at Stabilize your camera or get a flexible stable tripod. You have good stuff but you are jumping around. Nowhere have I seen anyone put the DC offset so well. But you need to hammer and refine, improve and re-do this until is is perfect enough
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Craig Smith and Mathew Lodge discussing GPT and unit testing – AIs must be verifiable, testable, certified

Craig Smith, Eye for AI: The Future of Large Language Models in AI | Mathew Lodge | Eye on AI #130 at Craig Smith, You and Mathew Lodge criss-crossed and brainstormed much of the discussion and issues. The “frenzy” is mostly click bait, people wanting lightning to strike by saying the right combination of things.
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Note to Connor Leahy about a way forward, if hundreds of millions can get the right tools and policies

Eye for AI: Unveiling the Darker Side of AI | Connor Leahy | Eye on AI #122 at Connor Leahy, I have had hundreds of long serious discussions with ChatGPT 4 in the last several months. It took me that many hours to learn what it knows. I have spent almost every single day for
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