Month: August 2021

Trying to come to grips with broad terms like “fluctuations”

Alexander If you search for “fluctuations” OR “fluctuations” on google, it will give you about 97 Million entry points. For the last 23 years I have been tracing through these kinds of searches to see exactly what people are doing with terms like “fluctuations”. As you can imagine, this particular term, “fluctuations” has lots of
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Image handling on the Internet, Pixels around a star

Thanks for the links. I spent the last few days going over the NexGen Level 3 Weather radar system. I downloaded many example datasets and tried to review and organize all the parts of it. Looking to see how to integrated radar, satellite, SDR (electromagnetic networks of many sorts), GPS and other sensor networks and
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Notes from survey questions.

Internet Research – global sensor networks and sharing Looking for data to correlate with other sensor networks Your left bars are rich in links. But you are using almost a different style of navigation on every page, certainly every section. With about 3 Million entry points for that is a lot of hand building
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