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LMSAL > Sungate > Heliophysics Coverage Registry (HCR) – trying to use your form, Hypernet

I am trying to use this form at At there is a link to “Web-based form” It wants my name, title and email but the form will not let me enter those.  There is no “login” Considering the difficulty entering things in the form is there a URL based access to the same
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Richard Chats with OpenAI ChatGpt PLus 4.0 about magnetic fields, global experiments, gravitational correlation networks

Richard: There is an Ampere’s law for the integral of H on a boundary. When you write equations in this conversation, ALWAYS use the explicit multiplication symbol so I can clearly see the breaks between symbols. “*” OpenAI ChatGpt PLus 4.0: Ampere’s Law is a fundamental principle of electromagnetism that relates the integral of the
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Caltech Astro, Richard Ellis, a dense region will have nonlinear gravitational potential redshift as large or larger than velocity potential effects

Caltech Astro: The Quest for Cosmic Dawn – Richard Ellis – 04/14/2023 at Richard Ellis, A lot of those early galaxies have much higher gravitational potentials. And the gravitational redshift larger. Even the redshift from the earth can be measured. If the universe truly expanded from some higher density region, the earliest would have central
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Sean Doran

Do you have data to go with your videos? Full solar models down to (1 meter)^3? Where I want to go. And into the interior. It is not impossible, just a bit tedious. I worry that your visualizations are not quite right. Not criticizing, just wondering what you did. Beautiful.

Richard Chats with GPT about A trip to the moon and coming back, ship and ground based field methods, synthetic 3D acceleration fields

This is a little tongue in cheek because GPT 4 is not reliable for any calculations and a pain to work with.  But the basic outline is about right, and gives what I have been working on for some decades.  More the last two decades. It is fun gathering and building models of the real
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NanoGrav Collaboration, Pulsar timing images of the Universe that is much larger than the “big bang region”

National Science Foundation News: ANNOUNCEMENT: New Discovery in Gravitational Waves at National Science Foundation News, NanoGrav Collaboration: A few links to the project, the individuals, the data algorithms and results would be more useful. It says 9:41:45 and only talking heads and waving hands. You need to publish the Pickle binary format so the data
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