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CollinsFamily: If Ben gets set up, support him and his new venture.  It is intended to replace all the current websites.  TheInternetFoundation.Org is just one tiny node in this new kind of group hosting site.

Idea: Since you have just started a group hosting organization, make it “crowdfunded” with a way for me to “donate” or “support”.  I was thinking that I could be a “Supporting Member” of your hosting site and support at $500 a month.  I can also make one time donations.  Check your tax accountant for the best way to do it.  I can also give you personal gifts for you and the family.  I am happy to pay you $500 a month for this year for a group hosting account on your site

Idea: I can say “Proud supporter of BenHost.Org” with links to your services.  If you go the Org route, and keep Com as well, you can serve all groups as a partner, not as “we only want your money”.  Org means we are open and want to help.

Ideas: Supporters can see the financial reports. Everyone can see the growth reports. Auditors can see everything.

Idea: Add a checkbox to the email and say – file this with BenHost project where you and I can see it.  Current emails A to B, or A to BCDE. But archives go to group folders and anyone can filter for things they wrote or were tagged on. 

Idea: All these Idea: tags can get gathered, indexed, shared, discussed and worked on. By group, by topic, or globally. They can be moved and copied (with links to the original).

Idea: ALL copies are tied to the original. It knows where all the copies are. If a person writes a tool or layout or idea that gets copied, they can see everywhere it gets used. Scan the web for illegal copies and fan copies.
Ben: You are going to spend a lot of hours getting me set up, but every process will support someone else.  You are fast and already know most of what to do. Try to keep notes so you can add new people and groups quickly. 

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