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It looks like it is also possible to sort by protein and biochemical content. Whether that can be done in real time is probably only a matter of cost and programming and FPGAs. I just read about sorting of colored rices where the evaluation was done, not on the basis of visible light spectrum, but infrared and NMR. Recently there are many advances in 3D imaging spectroscopic methods.

My main question when I was watching this is what happens to the rejected stream. I wondered if there were some value in a second sorting step – if the cost of separation could be reduced – based on new low cost sensors and faster low cost processors.

My main interest was to study the mass and size distribution of grains, and their biochemical composition ranges. Will keep looking.

I did enjoy this video. Thanks for sharing. I would like to know how the sorting is done, once the grains are classified. My guess is air streams or puffers, but electrostatic seems possible. Fun problems.

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