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Hello, I was trying to find statistics and studies on the size of grains at harvest for various grains. There is natural variation and I expect every grain and every harvest to give a range of sizes, weights and shape variations. But “grain size distribution” leads mostly to soil grain sizes. And “grain screening” sometimes works and sometimes not.

Can you tell me the terms to use? Or point to a few studies where people or groups count or estimate the sizes of the grains at harvest. Or after periods of storage? Or at market?

Thank you. I am a retired Senior Mathematical Statistician. I follow my interests now. I was looking at global agricultural coproducts and genetic variation. But I have a hole in my understanding because I have never counted the sizes and shapes of every grain of rice in a ton of harvested rice. Just joking. But if I could, I would.

Thank you for pointing to actual data and methods, or groups, individuals, software, reports or books. Roughly in that order.

“size distribution of seeds at harvest” is pretty close, but I think I am missing some terms and concepts that someone who works with this every day would know. Thanks again.

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