Carrot Museum typo generates these thoughts about global cooperation and investing in global communities

Hello Carrot Museum Reader,
I was looking for information on the structure of carrot seeds and came to your Carrot Museum page,
Should it say, “The seeds are very small, on average between 1 and 2 mm in length, and brownish is colour.”?
I had no idea it was so complicated to get seeds from a carrot. Thanks for sharing this on the Internet.
I was curious about the shapes, structures and lives of seeds – and the people and things connected.  So I bought a set of packets of different kinds of seeds from Amazon.  Now I am trying to look at them under different microscopes, and wondering if anyone studies the size distribution and characteristics of seeds in general.  Then I searched the internet for “size distribution” “carrot seeds” or the proper form for each plant seed.  Not perfect, but it does give me a sense whether people working on seeds actually work together globally.  More often than not, they do not.
The attached is my first ever picture of a seed of any kind.  I used a hand held digital microscope laying on its side at 150x showing roughly 2.2 millimeters full width.  I don’t have any clay yet, so it is stuck on a red toothpick stuck in a banana. I had no idea that it would be so green and plump and living.  I take simple things and look at their connections on the Internet.
Richard Collins, Director, The Internet Foundation
Your typo is being propagated by Google, and perhaps by others.  I would say, “16,000 seeds per ounce”, or “565 per gram”.
Imagine thousands of people mentally stopping to multiply by two.  On the Internet, a casual choice by one person can result in the loss of billions of seconds of people’s mental time.  A billion 30 seconds is 950.6 continuous human years of 24/7 of 365.25 days each.  A billion 30 seconds is 8.333 Million hours – worth, on the Internet, about $15 per hour or $125 Million dollars – if applied to useful average world effort toward GDP, or human survival.
Save that much time for a group by using efficient Internet methods and that time goes back into the community helped.  Save a million hours for a group and it is the same as investing $15 Million.  If it is a high technology group, that goes to $32 Million or more.
Richard K Collins

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