Musing about a video of a beautiful scene in Colorado

Richard K Collins

That place call for a live 4K stream on YouTube. I found more than a thousand such 24/7 videos. Besides scenery, vistas, activity and seasons. During the day, clouds, animals, and weather. During the night stars, planets, moon, comets, satellites, more weather. With links it becomes a vivid advertisement. With links to maps, stories and nearby places it helps new and old visitors know and remember. But of all those many hundreds of sites I reviewed, only a tiny handful realize the true value of restful views any hour of the day and night from anywhere in the world.
I especially appreciate the ones with skies filled with stars. I live where there is so much clutter, clouds, humidity and light pollution I rarely see a star. I am getting older now, and in my whole life never learned how the stars moved or which ones. But there are overlays for images and videos now, where everything – planes, satellites, planets, comets, nebula, stars, moons – are all identified and tied to everything known about them. As kids we might memorize a few names of constellations, or try to stare through some cheap telescope in the cold. Or get to look for a few seconds though a “big” telescope with no references or guide.

I kind of like the live videos of rivers and streams, they have an endless procession of changing light, sound, shadow, colors, greenery and sometimes animals, birds and fowl, insects and fish.

There are 3D videos now where you can look around. There are videos where you can change the colors and intensity to see things at night. There are time lapse tools to look quickly at the last 12 hours. There are tools to save the time lapse to record days and seasons and unusual events.

I see these things and wonder how such things will change human learning, experience and new insights, or just the pleasure of seeing ordinary and extraordinary places in new ways. I expect there will be streams for 8k cameras of the whole sky from satellites and the moon. I really want to ask Elon Musk to give back for cluttering the sky with satellites – by putting live feed all sky cameras on every satellite he sends to space. Looking outward and the whole sky, not just some tiny and obscure piece that only a few privileged astronomers can study in raw data form.

Sorry to muse here, but these thoughts always come to mind when I see videos of beautiful places and skies. I want to know where the camera is, where it is pointed, and its magnification or scale.

Richard K Collins

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