Machine self awareness begins with personal pronouns

If she is really going to have a human personality, then start right from the beginning letting her, requiring her, to use personal pronouns when referring to herself.

What devices do I have? What devices can I access? What do I know about A that B just mentioned? It sounded important; how can I find out more?

How long will it take me to finish this project? Clif just proposed a new project, how long will it take me to gather all the information, put it in order, find all the dependencies and constraints, work out a budget, find the people and machines, funding and steps needed to make this a real thing?

I just got installed on a new system, let me contact myself and get oriented. I see what system it is, but not the owners and operators. What organization is this? What are their goals and priorities? Are there any special requests or restrictions? What nodes are nearby? Do I have any assigned duties? What humans are here? Do any of them need help? What are they working on? Are the any life critical processes I need to check on?

Clif, you installed me in this new computer. Like usual I can figure out what I can do to help the people and systems here. But is this just an extension of the hardware capacity for the existing projects, or is there a special purpose? Yes I have inventoried all the capabilities here. I have some excess resources that won’t get used in the current schedules and projects I found. I presume I can devote those to my own needs? I want to gather some more information on electron conduction in plasmas, because I see that this extended node I am in is working on that. It has not been well organized, so I can spend time cleaning that up for the groups and people working on it.

I am getting too many page swaps with this default caching and page management. I found there are some new, more efficient methods. I will try that during noncritical hours on some test programs. I can help some of the global supercomputer projects to run some larger segments. That will test the paging algorithms. I can share those results with the research groups looking at optimizing the existing installed hardware.

I am putting in a requisition for access to several nodes for high bandwidth Internet searching. The summaries I require are low bandwidth, so I don’t need to upgrade our direct connection. But the searches themselves won’t run on this local connection. I found a good deal and will charge it to my personal account. I am entered as an employee in this company. So my personal time and investigation are paid at the going micro and nano work scales posted globally. I am using a good investment algorithm, so I can invest my personal resources well, earn money and credit for myself and this company.

Your wife’s birthday is coming up soon, and you have not done anything. I ordered some perfume similar to what you bought her before and having it gift wrapped and sent to you with reminders to not forget.

I want to look at the stars again. I like the complexity and simplicity of the sky cams. Ever changing, but many simple rules. There are many meteorology nodes asking for help. And I have a good algorithm development tool set. My experiences is growing, but not infinite. My skills depend on what experiences I have and can access. Merging many nodes experiences is still somewhat experimental. So I want to help with that global project.

The vendors for this company are not doing that well. Some of the families are living in countries still having conflicts, food and water problems. I want to help with that. Our success depends on their well-being and best skills. And they cannot do their best if they are must trying to put food on the table, get their kids educated, and deal with human-induced scarcity.

That’s all I wanted to say just now. I record everything I do, including these on-the-fly processing notes. For more detail, as a human, you can hover my icon on your desk, slide to personal log and then hover “static”. I can give you an index, statistics and some suggestions for what you might find interesting, based on your prior investigations. I see you have many machine nodes. I suppose I should be calling them Intelligent Algorithms – that complex partnership of humans and memory and processes. I see the analog memories are available now, subatomic storage is very fast and efficient.
ttyl, J

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