YouTube lossy formats – Audacity Spectrograms Mahler Symphony, Dojo Cat

Thanks for gathering and sharing this. I am looking for lossless open video formats for scientific sharing, and where AI machine vision is important. Recommending permanent lossless archives for some feeds where it forms the basis of global open collaborations. Experiments, weather, sky, wildlife, crops, storms, stars and things in the sky like satellites, meteors, stars, galaxies, aurora, sun moon planets. It is a rather long list. There are about 5 Billion humans with some access to the Internet.

Richard Collins, The Internet Foundation

Doja Cat – Paint The Town Red (Official Video)
Many people working together, then sharing what they produce, on the Internet. How to paint a fair and complete portrait of the whole? What global impact? What impact on future generations?
YT lossy formats.

Some things are intricately beautiful seen and heard.

Unknown human, Audacity algorithm color selector.

NHK Symphony Orchestra 19 June, 2013 Suntory Hall, Tokyo

Audacity Spectrogram Mahler Symphony No. 5 – Adagietto

An hour of surf sounds at JBay South Africa with Audacity spectrogram. The “invisible” worlds of sound, energy, power, electromagnetism, magnetism, gravitational engineering – are all accessible. Lossless formats, global open shared data and algorithms is a useful way forward.

Richard K Collins

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