Author: Benjamin Collins

Web HTML Editors

I setup WordPress for And the main reason behind this is to have a simple platform for getting content published to the internet. In general WordPress should be though of as a simple method for writing text, images and a few other embedded format types and getting them easily published online. There are a
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Docket Update: GravityNotes

I transferred and from BlueHost over to Namecheap. For hosting I rented a VPS on for $5/mo with 1cpu, 1GB of memory and 25GB of SSD storage. I added the option for 100GB for $10/mo, which is mounted on /var/www. The static files from the old host for have been migrated
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This is the block editor. This is a heading CollinsFamily: If Ben gets set up, support him and his new venture.  It is intended to replace all the current websites.  TheInternetFoundation.Org is just one tiny node in this new kind of group hosting site. Idea: Since you have just started a group hosting organization, make
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Backup Imap Server Emails

These are notes for backing up email from an Imap server using the raspberry pi. These are notes, and you should make sure to read this post over in its entirety, so other searches on the internet before making any attempts to replicate the content of this post. As these are again notes. This will
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NIST Search

I recently did a search for ionization mercury on the NIST site, and was surprised by the limited search interface. I’m providing some feedback here that hopefully may improve the usability of the site if taken under consideration. The main point is to have a preview on hover mechanic. As there are lots of similar
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